We embark on a transformative journey guided by your own inquiries, which you prepare before the session. Your questions set the course, leading us to delve deep into the most crucial aspects of your life. As we uncover the significance of your main question, a stream of insights frequently surfaces, making other inquiries less relevant or even unnecessary.

My channeling sessions go beyond traditional fortune-telling. Instead of focusing on predicting the future, I dive deep into the layers of your current life journey. From your physical and emotional well-being to the unseen realms of energy and ancestry, I aim to shed light on your present reality in all its dimensions. Through this understanding, we unlock pathways to explore future possibilities by making conscious choices.

In the session, I may use oracle and tarot cards to support the process, providing additional insights where needed.

I highly recommend recording the session for two reasons:

Firstly, each playback immerses you in potent healing frequencies, enriching your experience and journey.

Secondly, repeated listening deepens your comprehension. Months later, new insights may surface as you revisit the layers we uncover together. While initial emotions often lead us to focus on surface issues, the session may unveil deeper layers. By immersing yourself in the recording, you can navigate these depths and take empowered action.

Ready to embark on this profound journey? Book your session today for live or recorded answers in person or online.

Contact me via email or via Signal/Whatsapp/Line at +49 157 573 340 56.