My channeling session is not fortune-telling. I am not focusing on what will happen in the future. The focus is to bring understanding to what is happening in this very moment in your particular lifestream in all its dimensions – physical, psychological, metaphysical, energetic, ancestral, past, and present. And from there, future possibilities can be discovered through conscious decision-making.

Sometimes, when needed, I use oracle and tarot cards to support the process.

I recommend recording the channeling session for two reasons.

Firstly, higher and very beneficial healing frequencies are attained each time we listen to the session.

Secondly, our understanding of what is said deepens the more we listen to it. We can discover new information even months after the session. People are usually emotionally charged when they ask for a session and focus on what they think is at the root of their issue.
More often than not, there is a deeper layer that the session touches upon. By listening to the recording repeatedly, you start to go deeper and are ready to take the right action.