Guidance in Love

Welcome! No matter your background, origin, or current circumstances, you are accompanied by a profound “Team of Light” – consisting of your unique Higher Self, Guardian Angels, and Spirit Guides – all sending you invaluable guidance.

It is natural for me to connect to your “Team of Light.” With your consent, their guidance flows through me as feelings, sensations, knowing, and sometimes even visions or auditory cues. Their communication is always infused with love, care, and purpose, aimed at your highest good.

Their counsel is typically straightforward, illuminating the path ahead and offering insights into life’s lessons. They may also suggest more harmonious approaches to seemingly complex situations. At times, they gently guide you back on course if you stray or neglect your responsibilities. Yet, they deeply respect our freedom of choice as individuals and provide guidance and unwavering support.

Participating in these sessions promises tangible benefits, such as gaining clarity, purpose and aligning with your inner calling. If you find yourself at a crossroads, uncertain about your next steps, this session can assist you in achieving these outcomes. It’s designed to facilitate conscious decision-making and help you embrace a fulfilling life guided by your inner wisdom and the support of your ‘Team of Light.’

I am Naveen, your guide on this journey.


We embark on a transformative journey guided by your own inquiries, which you prepare before the session. Your questions set the course, leading us to delve deep into the most crucial aspects of your life. As we uncover the significance of your main question, a stream of insights frequently surfaces, making other inquiries less relevant or even unnecessary.

My channeling sessions go beyond traditional fortune-telling. Instead of focusing on predicting the future, I dive deep into the layers of your current life journey. From your physical and emotional well-being to the unseen realms of energy and ancestry, I aim to shed light on your present reality in all its dimensions. Through this understanding, we unlock pathways to explore future possibilities by making conscious choices.

In the session, I may use oracle and tarot cards to support the process, providing additional insights where needed.

I highly recommend recording the session for two reasons:

Firstly, each playback immerses you in potent healing frequencies, enriching your experience and journey.

Secondly, repeated listening deepens your comprehension. Months later, new insights may surface as you revisit the layers we uncover together. While initial emotions often lead us to focus on surface issues, the session may unveil deeper layers. By immersing yourself in the recording, you can navigate these depths and take empowered action.

Ready to embark on this profound journey? Book your session today for live or recorded answers in person or online.

Contact me via email or via Signal/Whatsapp/Line at +49 157 573 340 56.


“Receiving messages through Naveen’s connection with my guides, my higher self, uplifts my energy and makes me smile. I feel supported! Her sessions are a great support to stay in the flow of trust and intuition as well as a way of developing my connection with the invisible presences that are here to help me to shine my light! I appreciate Naveen’s honesty, humility, and true heart. She is a lovely person, and her card reading to complete the session is always so relevant!”

– Anna Lazowski, writer, France

“I am not into angels and esoteric readings, but I had a few sessions with Naveen, and I am highly impressed by the space and the accuracy of her Channeling. Every session is always extremely deep. My first session blew me away- I was at a challenging crossroad in my life and in just one session the sky opened as by magic and the direction to take became crystal clear. Naveen is undeniably a born Channel of rare quality. She grew up in Taiwan and you can feel the depth and ancient wisdom of the east in her transmissions. Highly recommended.”

– Philippe Courteil, artist and writer, France

“A session with Naveen is a great gift one can give oneself as it opens the door to see the bigger picture. It gives clear guidance and helps me to see and accept what we sometimes avoid. Very profound readings I received during few sessions I had in a transformative time for me.”

– Mahadevi, Estonia

At this point of transition, it was great to receive confirmation and clear guidance of what nourishes and serves me to navigate from doing to being. I liked how Naveen framed up the session and the space so that I could ask the big questions. Naveen is careful to leave aside her judgements, opinions and observations so the guidance felt clean, clear and had integrity. I felt seen and supported to receive and appreciate the wisdom and reflection of my guides. Thank you, Naveen, for your service.

– Anne K. Scott, UK

“Naveen is a highly sensitive, in tune, intuitive channel and healer. The session was illuminating, clarifying and affirming. 

Although I was already in touch with my guides and felt their presence and guidance before the session, Naveen was able to connect to them much more precisely and lucidly with laser-like clarity.

She uncovered a deep belief that was a pattern that stemmed from my childhood and facilitated a light healing from them, too. She sensitively helped me get in touch with childhood wounds, cut unhealthy cords and claim my power and energy back in a specific way I had not addressed before, which felt very strengthening and empowering. Although I had done all these steps myself in the past, having her insight and clarity helped us get to the roots of my specific concern in a way I had not considered. Now I feel more love and freedom. 

She identified all my guides that I am aware of more than I was not aware of before. The most powerful thing I received from the session was a deeper connection to my guides. I feel their presence and support and hear their guidance more clearly. What touched me most about the session was knowing that Greece’s gods and goddesses are very happy that I am here and love and support me. Knowing that I was in the right place at the right time felt very affirming. Naveen’s loving presence imbued the whole session with safety and sensitivity, so I felt I could deeply relax and trust her and the process.

Thank you so much Naveen, it was a true honour and blessing to work with you. I hope more people receive the gift of your sessions.”

– Cliona, Divine Light Healer

“Naveen holds a very loving space while interpreting messages from your guides or angels. I felt seen and she confirmed many of my feelings about the presence of my guides. Her interpretations felt true and loving to me.”

– Pritama, Irland

“Naveen gave me a reading that revealed the practical simple next step to integrate my whole being. She told me “You need to rest and walk in the forest. Be with the forest! Rest!” It blew up my mind as it proved to be right and it’s that simple! ”

– Nisha, Brazil


Naveen’s journey is as captivating as it is diverse. Originally from Taiwan, she began her career as a psychologist before relocating her home to the enchanting island of Corfu, Greece. Beyond her roots in psychology, Naveen is a multi-talented intuitive, energy healer, Biodanza dance teacher, massage therapist, and tarot reader. Her exploration into channeling began in her 20s, where she uncovered the transformative power of “Love” as the ultimate healer. This profound insight has since become the heart and soul of her practice.


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