Guidance in Love

Welcome. No matter who you are, where you come from, or what your life looks like, you have a so-called “Team of Light” – your unique Higher Self, Guardian Angels, and Spirit Guides sending you helpful messages.

It is natural for me to connect to your “Team of Light.” With your permission, their messages come through me as feeling, sensation, knowing, and occasionally as vision or hearing. They are always loving, caring, purposeful, and for your highest good.

Their advice is usually direct and not dazzling. They inform you about the lessons to learn and may also show you more pleasant ways to approach something that appears to be complicated. They can sometimes be straightforward if you are getting astray or ignoring your responsibility. Still, they honor the free choices we all have as human beings and offer their guidance and loving support.

If you are at a crossroads, in a gap, and wondering how to take the next significant step in your life, this session will help you find focus and purpose. It will support conscious decision-making and align with your inner calling. 


My channeling session is not fortune-telling. I am not focusing on what will happen in the future. The focus is to bring understanding to what is happening in this very moment in your particular lifestream in all its dimensions – physical, psychological, metaphysical, energetic, ancestral, past, and present. And from there, future possibilities can be discovered through conscious decision-making.

Sometimes, when needed, I use oracle and tarot cards to support the process.

I recommend recording the channeling session for two reasons.

Firstly, higher and very beneficial healing frequencies are attained each time we listen to the session.

Secondly, our understanding of what is said deepens the more we listen to it. We can discover new information even months after the session. People are usually emotionally charged when they ask for a session and focus on what they think is at the root of their issue.
More often than not, there is a deeper layer that the session touches upon. By listening to the recording repeatedly, you start to go deeper and are ready to take the right action.


“Receiving messages through Naveen’s connection with my guides, my higher self, uplifts my energy and makes me smile. I feel supported! Her sessions are a great support to stay in the flow of trust and intuition as well as a way of developing my connection with the invisible presences that are here to help me to shine my light! I appreciate Naveen’s honesty, humility, and true heart. She is a lovely person, and her card reading to complete the session is always so relevant!”

– Anna Lazowski, writer, France

“I am not into angels and esoteric readings, but I had a few sessions with Naveen, and I am highly impressed by the space and the accuracy of her Channeling. Every session is always extremely deep. My first session blew me away- I was at a challenging crossroad in my life and in just one session the sky opened as by magic and the direction to take became crystal clear. Naveen is undeniably a born Channel of rare quality. She grew up in Taiwan and you can feel the depth and ancient wisdom of the east in her transmissions. Highly recommended.”

– Philippe Courteil, artist and writer, France

“A session with Naveen is a great gift one can give oneself as it opens the door to see the bigger picture. It gives clear guidance and helps me to see and accept what we sometimes avoid. Very profound readings I received during few sessions I had in a transformative time for me.”

– Mahadevi, Estonia

“Naveen holds a very loving space while interpreting messages from your guides or angels. I felt seen and she confirmed many of my feelings about the presence of my guides. Her interpretations felt true and loving to me.”

– Pritama, Irland

“Naveen gave me a reading that revealed the practical simple next step to integrate my whole being. She told me “You need to rest and walk in the forest. Be with the forest! Rest!” It blew up my mind as it proved to be right and it’s that simple! ”

– Nisha, Brazil


My Name is Naveen Li, and I was born in Taiwan. As a child, I recognized that I could become empty and channeled. I have devoted my life to exploring the inner world and perfecting this Art of Channeling. It is my privilege and honor to share this gift with you.


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